Lot 388 - Rental Premium Lot - Square Feet: 2586


Welcome to Lot 388 NW Boundary Drive

At the quiet corner of the Resort is this special getaway! The Tiki at the rear of this back-in golf course lot allows ample room for your coach with extended awnings and slides with over 50 feet of parking length and almost 30 feet of width. And while the location is in a less traveled section it is only a few lots from the North Pool/Laundry complex. The Tiki contains an outdoor kitchen (built-in DSG grill, 2 burner stove top, fridge, kitchen sink) with a 5 person bar top, a seating area with 2 recliners, two rockers, couch and gas fire pit table, an overhead 55” SMART TV on cable, fans and lights for your enjoyment and strong private WiFi/internet access.

Mature landscaping make this one of the most private lots with screening on both sides. Two small grass areas allow your pets a private bathroom when you don’t want to go to the dog parks! Enjoy the view of a Resort fountained pond directly behind the lot. And 40’ from the Tiki you will find the #12 tee so enjoy the complementary Executive Golf Course just by walking out the rear gate. Location, views, conveniences and privacy. Enjoy it all at our piece of Paradise!!

Premium Lots: This lot has a large tiki, with full hookup, kitchen with a sink, a grill or cooking surface, TV, quality furniture, cable and WiFi, may or may not have curtains.

Helpful Hints:

Suggest lining the left side tires on your coach about 18 inches inside the planted area on the driver’s side as you back in. Lining the driver’s side of your coach with the small black painted rectangle on the pavers leaves enough room to extend slides and easily access sewer, water and electrical connections without fighting the hedge on that side.

Please stop backing at least a foot from the fronds on the Tiki Hut.

There are 3 storage units at the rear. Two contain owner’s personal items. The third contains cushions for the bar and round wrought iron table chairs. Use these to add to your enjoyment of our Florida home! The covers from the sitting area furniture and the Fire Pit table can be stored in the open storage unit. The covers are held on by tightening cords. Please loosen the tightening cords when removing the covers and PLEASE retighten when you leave so if the winds come up the covers stay in place.

Electrical: In the standard pedestal are the 20, 30 & 50 Amp breakers and one 20 Amp GFI breaker. On the back of the pedestal is a secondary panel containing breakers that control everything inside the Tiki. All breakers in the secondary panel should be off except for #6 (this provides power to the pedestal at the front with the lot number). Turn all to on and the Tiki and outdoor kitchen will now have power.

The GFI breaker controls the landscape lights and the outlet where the golf cart is parked. If you would like to have the landscape lights work go to the silver box in the planter to the left rear of the lot. Open the box flip on the 3 white breaker switches, set the timer to the correct time and the lights will operate from about 6:30 PM until 11:30 PM.

Under the outdoor sink is a small hot water heater. Reaching to the left through the under sink cabinet door you will find a switch. If you want hot water in the outdoor sink just flip that switch on. PLEASE do not change the temperature settings for the hot water heater. The fridge will keep drinks nice and cold and the hot water is plenty hot!

In the top drawer of the three door cabinet is the remote for the Tiki TV (connected to the Resort cable) and the refrigerator lock key. Other drawers contain utensils and grill/stove top accessories for your use. Note: there is occasionally a raccoon in the resort who likes to peruse inside outdoor fridges. By keeping this one locked during the night he seems to be trained that this particular lot is NOT a place to come to steal food!!

The slide out drawer under the grill contains the LP tank for both the grill and the burners. Just slide out the drawer, turn on the tank and both are ready to use. You will also find an LP tank under the fire pit table. The top of the end panel towards the golf course pulls out and allows access to that tank. After turning on the tank follow instructions for lighting if you wish to enjoy the fire pit. NOTE: DO NOT replace the fire pit cover until the stones are completely cooled!!

You will notice a wooden cover that fits over the sink. Keeping that cover on while the sink is not being used keeps stuff that blows through the tiki from landing in the sink. Under the sink you will find cleaning supplies for the counters and stainless steel plus dish detergent. These are all provided for your convenience so feel free to use them if desired. And in the brown storage unit containing the chair cushions is a Keurig coffee maker for your use.

At the rear of the lot are two small grass areas. We use those for bathroom areas for our dog when we are not inclined to go to the dog parks. Feel free to do so during your stay (please pick up so the area remains nice!). As a reminder pets are not allowed over the wall onto the golf course area.

Hole #12 of the resort golf course is directly to the rear of 388. There are 4 holes in the area behind our lot. You are welcome to walk out and play any number of holes anytime except Thursdays until noon (course maintenance). If you play you will find that the longest hole is #13 and it is approximately 95 yards to the center of the green. In the top drawer you will find golf balls (recovered from the pond behind the tiki!) and tees you are welcome to use!

-Leaving: please do the following so that the next renter has as much fun as you have had! Recover the sitting area furniture, place the bar chair cushions and the wrought iron chair cushions back in the brown storage unit, wash any of the utensils you have used from the kitchen and replace them back in the drawers, turn off the hot water heater switch, the 3 switches in the landscape control box and all the breakers in the secondary panel EXCEPT for #6, put the remote and refrigerator key back in the top drawer, turn off the LP tanks for the fire pit and the grill and make sure the wooden top is over the sink.

Should you have any questions feel free to call the rental office (772-336-1135)

Gary and Sue Wright, Hagerstown, MD

Paradise Awaits For You at 388 NW Boundary Drive

Rates are discounted by length of stay. A stay that is 7 days to 27 days is 10% discount, 27 days and over is 15% discount. Credit card services fees are 4%. Rentals less than 182 days are subject to 12% Florida hotel tax.

Period Dates Daily
Season January through April $195.00
Early October through December $160.00
Summer May through September $125.00


Dates Lot
05/27/2023 to 05/31/2023 388
05/31/2023 to 06/04/2023 388
07/19/2023 to 07/23/2023 388
08/09/2023 to 08/11/2023 388
08/12/2023 to 08/13/2023 388
08/14/2023 to 08/18/2023 388
09/02/2023 to 09/04/2023 388
09/07/2023 to 09/10/2023 388
10/15/2023 to 04/26/2024 388
05/08/2024 to 05/09/2024 388
06/17/2024 to 06/23/2024 388
09/07/2024 to 09/15/2024 388
01/13/2025 to 01/27/2025 388
02/14/2025 to 03/14/2025 388

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For help with rentals

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Luxury Class A RV Resort in St. Lucie West

Paradise Awaits Your Arrival at our Exclusive Class A Only RV Resort

Paradise Awaits Your Arrival at our Exclusive Class A Only RV Resort